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What Sets Diver Phillips Associates apart?

Cutting through the nonsense!
Many businesses get lost in a sea of percentages, rebates and replacement services. DPA aim to cut right through the corporate nonsense often associated with the recruitment industry!
We offer bespoke, tailor made recruitment services for your needs with transparency and integrity. At DPA we believe that honesty is the best policy.
We offer an honest service.
​We believe in saving our clients time and money, not costing them, if the skill is out there, we will find it. If it's not, we will work with you to assess the key core composites of the role.
FMCG Experts
DPA are experts in all aspects of the FMCG industry from food to toys to consumer DIY

Is a Search & Selection firm the right move for your business?

Job boards are a cheap and seemingly efficient way to source candidates in today's challenging job market, however they are not the full solution.
Job boards often require payment, with no guarantee, whilst in some cases job boards seem like a cost-effective alternative they can be an unnecessary expense in terms of time and money.
We ask the question, how much is your time worth?
As a busy HR Manager or a busy Sales Director, taking the time to review CV's, organise interviews and write job advertisements and descriptions can be costly. Diver Phillips Associates strive to take the time for your business, using a variety of specialist search & selection methods, DPA have a database and portfolio of quality candidates who can be briefed, interviewed and selected within 48 hours of receiving your job description.
Are your adverts working?
​As consultants, we appreciate the frustration, when your painstakingly and carefully written adverts are not delivering the results you may desire. DPA can guarantee only suitable applications based on your business needs. Not only do DPA take the time to learn about your business, but take detailed specifications in order to find the right people.
How much does it cost your business to be without your vital employee?
Often, a skill shortage in your staff costs your business financially especially within the FMCG industry. That gap eats into your budget and targets. DPA work within your timeline, in order to deliver candidates with as little disruption as possible.
Why Diver Phillips Associates?
As specialists in our field, DPA fully understand the FMCG industry, through a mixture of market research, analysis and contact with industry professionals, DPA know how to source the very best talent. Using a variety of techniques such as classic headhunting, recommendations, advertisements & social media, DPA aim to speak with the top 20% of the market.
Efficiency is one of our critical values, we aim to not only work quickly, but to deliver an enhanced recruitment experience. With a CV turnaround of 48 hours, DPA communicate and process results quickly and above industry standard.

​Diver Phillips Associates work with a number of household names in the FMCG industry.

DPA work with businesses from Fortune 500 to Small-Medium Enterprise


DPA offer a dedicated account manager to each client, from beginning to end. Your Account Manager commits to becoming your recruitment lifeline.

Diver Phillips Associates are specialists in the FMCG sector; with a wide portfolio of clients from the Toy Industry to Food, DPA offer full understanding of the industry.
Constant communication is integral to our value. We strive for perfection and meet with clients & candidates on a regular basis, assessing each market and each role means we can provide an exceptional level of service.
Our consultants know more than just the "salary and job title" we get to know every detail of each role from company turnover to the names of a candidates future colleagues.
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